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Glitter Fashions is an on-line fashion accessory webstore that allows both end users and retailers to purchase top name fashion accessory brands on-line, pay on-line and have these delivered directly to their doorsteps within 3 to 7 working days  -  depending on the size of the order, destination location and delivery option.

The Inch of Gold Range

A leading international range of gold plated chains, which are the first in catering for customers who want to order chains in custom-made lengths, are manufactured by Inch of Gold Incorporated, based in Florida, USA. This company was established over 30 years ago and has since sold over 30 million feet of chain through some 4000 outlets in over 12 countries.

Ordering and Payment

You need to order by using our handy on-line shopping cart system. Thereafter, you can make payment by credit card, EFT or direct bank transfer.
Should you live in a major centre with an established local Glitter Fashions agent, then we can arrange for this local agent to contact you and make a personal delivery should you prefer to make a COD payment.


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